Field Guide to Eucalypts – Volume 1

$129.95 AUD

by Ian Brooker and David Kleinig

273 pages

260mm x 185mm , Hardback

ISBN: 9781876473525

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Australia is remarkable in that its landscapes are often associated with a single group of plants — the eucalypts. This volume (1 of 3) covers the most heavily populated areas of Australia—from Brisbane running down to and including Tasmania.

There are about 900 types of eucalypt, with almost a third occurring in south-eastern Australia. These are all fully described and illustrated with over 1,500 colour photographs and drawings. With each page treatment, distinctive plant features are emphasised and colour photos show the form of the species, i.e. tree or mallee, and its bark, flower buds and fruit.

Since the first edition in 1983, many new species have been discovered and some names updated. This book provides the world’s most authoritative reference for anyone interested in trees—botanists, foresters, naturalists and indeed, tree-lovers everywhere. Earlier editions have sold over 10,000 copies.

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