Tim Richardson

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Tim Richardson

Tim Richardson, UK

How to Read (and then Write) a Garden

Burnley: Monday 9.00am – 10.30am ⇨ SOLD OUT



Tim Richardson – Seasoned journalist and author of some 20 books on garden subjects. A brilliant writer, poet, historian and critic specialising in gardens and art. Internationally recognised as a leading authority on landscape design and history, his knowledge of designers is unsurpassed. His reflections on gardens and designers are surprising, arresting and entertaining.


Tim Richardson’s workshop is designed for people who wish to improve their skills in objectively assessing and evaluating gardens, and how to describe them. It is suitable for budding garden journalists and authors, those who are involved in the assessment of gardens, or anyone who wants to hone their critical faculties in this area.

The workshop falls into two parts. First, the question of how to approach or ‘read’ a garden as both a horticultural experience and as an artwork. Tim will look at the parameters for thinking about gardens, including their historical status and the avowed intentions of the owners. The second section is all about how to describe a garden in an article, and if desired how to express an opinion or critical judgment on it, while remaining fair and unbiased.

The workshop includes tuition on garden writing, a writing workshop and then feedback on the craft of writing about gardens in magazines and books.