Midori Shintani

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Midori Shintani

Midori Shintani, Japan

The Rewarding Garden – Recycling and Harvesting from the Garden

Burnley: Monday 9.00am – 10.30am ⇨ $130



Midori Shintani – Head Gardener at Hokkaido’s huge Tokachi Millennium Forest where she worked with Dan Pearson and others. Her passion for the Forest is deeply rooted in Japanese animistic and spiritual bases which reinforce the beautiful and sacred nature of the plants and landscapes. Her insights into ecological and management issues are deeply moving.


Many gardeners grow vegetables for use in our kitchens. Japanese have long used vegetable and other edible materials from the garden in their in everyday life. This includes grasses, autumn leaves, branches and flowers. All these materials can be used to improve soil health, cooking and floristry.

Midori will give a practical workshop that will provide opportunity to explore a range of ways natural materials can be used and recycled, all of which provide further ways we can reduce our footprint.