Sam Cox



Sam Cox


Sam Cox, Australia

‘You can’t draw this’: Design/Construct Synergies in Landscape Naturalism

Monday 1.30pm – 3.00pm  ⇨ SOLD OUT
Tuesday 9.00am – 10.30pm  ⇨ $95



Sam Cox is a practitioner of Australian landscape naturalism. Influenced by pioneers Walling, Stones and Ford, Sam draws on their legacy and twenty years of experience in discussing the philosophy and process that underpin this style of work.

Sam’s hands-on approach integrates design and construction in all his landscape projects. The designs are based on carefully honed techniques learned from his time with Ford and depend on their skilled application rather than drawn plans.

Nuanced rock placement, subtle earth shaping and layered group plantings are all essential elements of understated naturalism in landscape design. Using various examples of his work in the private and public sector, Sam will demonstrate how naturalism can be adapted to standard house blocks and small courtyards by distilling particular elements of nature essential to the Australian landscape.



In the past decade Sam has observed a renewed enthusiasm for the ‘Australian style garden’. While this often focuses on sustainability and native plant ecology, there is increased interest in naturalism from a design perspective.

The first part of this workshop explores the integrated and interactive processes of design and construction that underpin Sam’s practice. The discipline of using natural materials requires carefully honed techniques to create a sense of the ‘natural’ landscape. Here Sam will demonstrate how construction influences the design of his landscape projects.

Further to this Sam will discuss how the advent of bio-filtered fresh water swimming pools has signalled a cultural shift in the way we interact with water in the urban environment. This session explores the ongoing developments in natural filtration technologies in the Australian context.