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No fuss, functional, drought tolerant plants and turf.

At Ozbreed, we focus on bringing you innovative plants and turf that are bred for performance. The breeding and development of our products have been significant and testing vigorous. Before we put our products on the market, we want to make sure they are at a high standard.

Our plant ranges include Native Grasses, Ozbreed Strappy Leaf Plants like Tanika® Lomandra and the Foliage First Range. These plants are revolutionising landscape design by giving the industry a full line of drought tolerant, low maintenance plants that can be used in many situations. Our other landscape ranges include the Advanced Trees, Velvet Kangaroo Paws, Native Shrubs and Ground Covers with the Ozbreed Aussie Box® and Grey Box™ Westringia’s and the environmental Hardy Exotics Range.

Ozbreed’s turf selection is truly one you can rely on. We have identified, tested and developed improved warm season turf such as Palmetto® and Sapphire®, and also tested and released Empire™ turf. These varieties are leading the way in the industry and are readily adopted by landscapers, councils, architects, golf course superintendents – anyone who values aesthetics and functionality of reduced water and maintenance needs in their landscapes. We have also bred Nara™ the first all purpose Australian native turf and Kenda® Kikuyu, a male sterile form.

There are over 90 wholesale nurseries and 90 turf companies Australia wide growing Ozbreed products.


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