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Do it once, do it right!

Looking for a new edge to replace your tired looking and rotten timber edges, or flimsy plastic ones? Or are you looking to increase the value of your home with landscaping? Perhaps you work in the industry and are fed up with installing edging products that don’t do the job… and are a headache to install. FormBoss™ cuts out the problems and allows you to create any shape you desire with strength and ease, increasing the value of your project.

FormBoss™ is also one of the quickest and easiest edges to install, saving you time and money!

Durable and strong, with clean and elegant designer looks the FormBoss™ steel edging simply will not split, warp, buckle, crack, chip or invite termites like traditional edging. It just gives you total freedom of design, with exclusive clean designer looks for your garden edges, at any height from flush, up to 500mm retaining walls. The clean lines offered by FormBoss™ are quite unique and will do wonders for the look and feel of your garden.

FormBoss™ metal edging is available in three finishes: Galvanised, Corten (weathered steel) and Stainless Steel. Made locally and it’s guaranteed for 10 years. Watch the installation video…


Contact Details
Toby Lestrell, Letiesha Jamieson or Bradley Boerlage
Phone: 1800 367 626
Address: 29/21 Barry St, Bayswater, VIC 3136, Australia
ABN: 92 131 965 805

We are national distributers and sell direct to the public Australia wide.
We keep a minimum of 10 kilometres of FormBoss in stock.
The FormBoss™ edging system is made to specifications which guarantee superior results.
FormBoss™ is manufactured under strict compliance of patent #2006100644 to ensure best results.