Kate Cullity

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Dr Kate Cullity

Kate Cullity

In 2016, international landscape commentator Tim Richardson, in contemplating the tercentenary of Capability Brown’s birth pondered the question, ‘Who are the Capabilities of today?’. The first landscape portrayed in his article was that of The Australian Garden — a Botanic Garden in Cranbourne, Victoria, by Taylor Cullity Lethlean (TCL), of which Kate Cullity is a founding partner.

Richardson states their ‘inspiration is chiefly drawn from the natural landscape of Australia’, and that major revitalization projects are often the most exciting ventures for leading designers today. He says that TCL’s work at the Auckland Waterfront, reviving ‘the old fish market and working wharf, and ..(finding) new uses for two huge silos ..were effectively monuments’.

The Garden Design Journal (UK) described Kate Cullity as the leading Australian landscape architect. We think her love of plants and art distinguish her work and help celebrate wonderful projects like the Redevelopment of North Terrace and Victoria Square in Adelaide and The Australian Garden, while it is her practice’s waterfront projects, parks and outback cultural, international garden festival and environmental projects, which exemplify how to best invest places with meaning and cultural significance.

We look forward to Kate discussing her extraordinary and inspirational work.



PresentationBeauty, Aesthetics and Care: Poetic Expressions of Landscape and Culture.

Between 2010 and 2013 Kate Cullity embarked upon her PhD and wrote an essay entitled, More than Just Looking Good: Beauty, Aesthetics and Care. It explores her striving for an understanding of beauty as a poly-sensorial experience; one with multilayered associations. It also examines how the conduit of care encourages a sense of social, cultural and environmental ideals that hopefully reverberate outwards to people who experience TCL’s projects.

Kate’s presentation will examine the nexus between beauty, care and sustainability by examining a number of TCL’s public and residential projects, including the recently completed Cultivated by Fire display garden for the Gardens of the World IGA–Berlin, The Australian Garden–a botanic garden dedicated to the display of Australian plants and the abstraction of the Australian environment, plus The National Arboretum in Canberra–an arboretum of ‘100 Forests’ of the world’s endangered tree species.



Kate Cullity, BSc Botany, DipEd University of WA, PhD RMIT,
Associate Adjunct Professor University of Adelaide AILA.

Kate Cullity is a founding director of TCL—Australia’s most awarded and internationally acclaimed landscape architectural and urban design firm. In 2013 and again in 2014 TCL was awarded the prestigious ‘Landscape of the Year’ at the World Architecture Festival, and in 2014, the highly coveted Rosa Bara award at the International Biennale of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona.

Over the past 25 years TCL have undertaken an investigation into the poetic expression of landscape and contemporary culture both within Australia and more recently internationally. This has permeated their design work in a multiplicity of public settings from urban waterfronts to desert walking trails. In each case the detailed exploration of context, site and community have informed outcomes and enriched the patterning and detail of built environments. Projects of note include; The Uluru Kata-Tjuta Aboriginal Cultural Centre-Northern Territory, the Australian Garden in Victoria and the National Arboretum-Canberra.

Kate Cullity is a landscape architect and environmental artist, with particular skills in the integration of public art with landscape and urban design. She has worked as both an artist and designer for a number of international art and garden festivals both in Australia and overseas including, Chaumont-sure-Loire, International Garden Festival in France, The Metis International Garden Festival in Canada and most recently at the International Gardens IGA in Berlin.

Her background in botany and strong personal interest in horticulture have resulted in her involvement in the planting design of sites throughout Australia. Kate has been a member of the core design team in many of TCL’s award winning projects.

In 2013 Kate completed a PhD which reflected on 25 years of TCL’s practice, as well as her interest in beauty, aesthetics and care, and how these qualities can be aligned with creating and appreciating sustainable landscapes.