Workshop – Scott Leung & Myles Broad

Myles Broad Scott Leung


Myles Broad and Scott Leung, Eckersley Garden Architecture

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Following his horticulture studies at Melbourne University, Burnley Campus, Scott began working with Rick Eckersley’s design team where he is now a Partner and Principal designer of Eckersley Garden Architecture.  Having been designing gardens for almost 20 years, Scott’s practical designs exude a contemporary style with a blend of organic harmony.   Scott cleverly incorporates native plants into his designs and is strongly motivated to convince clients that sustainability in design is the way forward.


With his background in construction, Myles combines his extensive building knowledge with his creative design skills to produce beautiful garden spaces. Inspired by nature and a lover of the outdoors, Myles began working with Rick over 15 years ago and is now a Partner and Principal designer of Eckersley Garden Architecture.   With a design repertoire ranging from small courtyards, to rural properties, to coastal retreats, Myles is passionate about creating naturalistic landscapes that please the soul.

Workshop: Draping Architecture with Greenery

There is currently a movement within the design and planning fraternities that is giving more prominence to landscape and horticulture. As Australia’s population grows, urban developments must increase but no one wants to see the increase of building to the detriment of our green spaces.  One answer to this dilemma is to combine the built form with the green form – whether it is softening the visual bulk of urban developments with canopied trees, spilling ground covers over the edges of balconies or creating sustainable green facades from soil grown plants.

This workshop will explore the link between architecture and its surrounding landscape, through discussions on the different ways greenery can be used to drape and soften the built form.  With considerable experience in both domestic and commercial landscape design, Myles and Scott will demonstrate with their own projects a uniquely horticultural approach to the draping of architecture with greenery.