Workshop – Robert Boyle


Robert Boyle, Robert Boyle Landscape Design

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It is now 45 years since Robert completed a Diploma of Horticultural Science at Burnley Horticultural College and began to design & build gardens.

Throughout these 45 years, running his own design, construct and maintain company, Robert has worked diligently to surround himself with a wonderful team of men and women who share his enthusiasm for creating beautiful and functional landscapes for people to live in, to work in, to rest in and in which to be inspired and refreshed.

As a result of this dedication and passion, Robert and his team feel very privileged to have been invited to create gardens for people of every walk of life and from every part of the Australian community.

The range and style of Robert and team’s work has been as diverse and as varied as the places and the people: from broadscale landscape planning; restoration and conservation for governments and industry; gardens for schools and institutions; memorial gardens in cemeteries; magnificent country landscapes; suburban gardens and walled city gardens – every site and person represents an exciting challenge for Robert and team to strive to create a beautiful place.


Workshop: Water in the Australian Landscape 

The barren and seemingly lifeless outback can, with simple showers of refreshing rain, be transformed into an abundance of green and a riot of colour.

And so, it seems, water can also bring life to the landscapes we create.

Water is the essence to the life of the garden. Whether it is the calming sound of a wall fountain in a small urban garden that masks the background noise of the city; an irrigation system that utilises our household waste water; an inviting swimming pool; or a large lake that provides a beautiful habitat for wildlife.

The success of our gardens will be determined to a large degree by how we understand water and how we manage the water we have available to use for the garden.   Robert’s workshop will focus on all aspects of water in the garden, from practical elements such as harvesting and retention to the range of decorative and functional uses within the landscape.