Workshop – Diana Wiesner

Diana Wiesner, Colombia

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Diana is passionate about enhancing the landscapes, conservation and cultural values of her native Colombia, in South America.

Here the population of the capital city of Bogota has grown from less than a million in the 1950s to some 9 million today! Problems abound – overcrowding, poor open space, neglected waterways and forests, unregulated construction and inadequate public transport.

As a landscape architect, she is not much interested in ‘pretty gardens’. Instead, she seeks to integrate cities through landscape networks.

Her approach is lucid and exciting. She works holistically, drawing disciplines and communities together, focusing on core community values. She says public areas have potential inspiration – for education, cultural events, environmental and ecological enhancement, sustainability, aesthetic impact, quality landscape construction, recreation, stimulus … and joy!

Diana believes that her approach, with its strong sense of mission, provides meaning and integrated, culturally based place-making. She often works with mountains and waterways.

Her philosophical and planning overview is complemented by projects that range from the power and poetry of a water droplet in a labyrinth path in China to a major Library Park complex of 55,000 m² in Bogota.

Diana has had an outstanding career in just 20 years as a landscape architect, receiving many awards and being keenly sought for international conferences.


Workshop: Greening our Cities

This workshop focuses on strategies for greening cities.

We will examine case studies of various kinds with challenging urban spaces.

The workshop will raise conceptual issues and examples of cities with various complexities will be considered along with solutions involving sustainable principles and poetic responses.