Workshop – Amander Flaherty

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Amander Flaherty

Amander Flaherty, Light on Landscape

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A pioneer of the residential exterior lighting industry in Australia, Amander Flaherty has been at the forefront of this niche design field for over 20 years. Through her company, Light on Landscape, she has been bringing gardens to life at night since 1999. Along with lighting legend Geoffrey Mance, she founded Australia’s first residential outdoor lighting company, Gardens at Night, in 1989. Amander has always been a hands-on practitioner, drawing together her interests in architecture, landscaping and lighting to deliver unique nighttime experiences in homes across Australia.

Workshop – Garden Illumination

Innovative lighting transforms exterior spaces. It not only revitalises gardens, it adds drama and ambience to buildings, attracts customers to business and provides an attractive focal point for activity.  Amander’s workshop will discuss technical and practical aspects and options for garden lighting, with specific reference to:
–   Viewing locations and depth of view
–   Being within the light with context to activities
–   Touching on control of intensity
–   Maintenance relationship to the longevity of fittings
–   Design integrity