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Rhodes Architectural Stone is dedicated to helping our customers realize their architectural dreams in exquisite antique and newly crafted natural stone. Founded by master mason and sculptor, Richard Rhodes, the company and its products are informed by his formal apprenticeship in Siena, Italy, and 30 years of experience in stone design, quarrying, fabrication and installation. This extensive and unique history allows RAS to offer a remarkable range of artisan craftsmanship tailored to the expressive medium of natural stone. We showcase the highest and best use of stone and focus on large multi-year projects that require creative vision, striking design and unique materials of the highest quality.

Employing techniques and tools in the tradition of renaissance Europe, we create hand-crafted finishes for our renowned collection of newly quarried materials. We also offer antique materials with unique patinas, colours and textures from centuries of wear.

With offices on three continents and projects around the world, RAS manages a global production team using state-of-the-art communications to achieve timeless work for future generations.



Australia – Building 5, 650 Church Street, Richmond Vic 3121  tel +61 3 8199-9555
North America – 106 NW 36th Street, Seattle WA 98107 tel +1 206 709-3000
China – Room 1023, Buynow Technology Building, 76 Hu Bin Nan Road, Xiamen 361004 Fujian tel +86 0592 531-6327

Website – www.rhodes-stone.com

Email – sales@rhodes-stone.com