Sponsor – LANDworksCAD


Founded in Australia in 1992, CAD International developed LANDWorksCAD® as an easy to use professional alternative to the engineering style CAD software of the day. LANDWorksCAD is specifically created for landscaper’s needs and is the ultimate design tool that professionals use to create the highest quality drawing documentation.

Initially created as a stand-alone software incorporating its own CAD program, LANDWorksCAD is now also available as a set of plug-in tools for AutoCAD®.

Everything from perspectives, presentations, concept plans, planting plans, irrigation and lighting plans, construction details and more are all achieved in the fastest possible time with fully automated tools for planting, labelling, scheduling, shadowing and more, whilst maintaining the users own distinctive style.

Users cite LANDWorksCAD’s ease of use and excellent support as one of the core reasons for choosing the product. New users can learn the software in just a few hours with excellent locally developed online training which they can step through at their own pace and go back over to refresh the memory. Online courses are affordable and easy to follow for beginners through to the more seasoned CAD guru’s.

Affordable and easy to use, there is a package to suit every designer or architect’s needs and budget. Contact CAD International today to find out more about this world leading landscape design tool.


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