Sponsor – Fiskars


Fiskars‘ belief is that all things, even the simplest, can be made better and smarter. It’s this pursuit of perfection that drives Fiskars to design and manufacture its range of consumer products for the home, garden and outdoors.

Today, Fiskars is the oldest Finnish company in the world and one of the oldest worldwide. It all began in 1649 when a Dutch merchant named Peter Thorwöste was given a charter to establish a blast furnace and forging operation in the small village of Fiskars in Southern Finland. The furnace produced pig iron that was shingled to wrought iron and in the early years, Fiskars made nails, wire, hoes, and metal reinforced wheels from wrought iron.

Today Fiskars is still at the forefront of design and technology and is dedicated to produce tools that set new standards for the garden, kitchen and craft. Fiskars products combine patent-pending technology, ergonomic design features and a distinguished look and feel, supreme in comfort and style.

Fiskars’ commitment to innovation has earned many of its craft and garden products the Ease-of-Use certification from the Arthritis Foundation® and helped millions of people suffering from arthritis to continue to do the things they enjoy.

Fiskars’ range of high-performance garden cutting tools has been developed to do the hard work so that gardeners don’t have to. Passed through rigorous scientific and consumer testing, the revolutionary PowerGear range of pruners, loppers and hedge shears boasts a unique gearing mechanism that multiplies cutting force, comfortable handles to reduce pressure on joints and on the pruners, a handle that rolls to follow the hand’s natural clenching motion – making the workload easier and eliminating the pain and strain for young and senior gardeners. Less effort, more pleasure with Fiskars.


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