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Our Future is Bio-Secure …. TM


Supplying Australia’s need for Evergreen and Deciduous Street trees

As a reputable business or green life buyer your Clients/Council deserve professional results. Purchasing from a NIASA accredited Bio-secure HCCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point )   like ours, you can be assured you will receive consistent quality grown under strict guide lines.

NIASA accredited Bio-secure HCCP is the industry specific Bio-security program designed to assist us in assessing our current and future pest, disease and weed risks for both imported and exported material.

What does this mean for you.

Purchasing your Quality trees from Dream-time Bio-secure HCCP nursery allows you total piece of mind knowing that Independent audits carried out by a Nursery Industry Development Officer, allows us the disciplines of best practice, in Bio-Secure HCCP production providing you with:

  • Superior Quality trees and shrubs
  • Disease free
  • Weed free
  • Pest free
  • Professionally grown under strict guide lines
  • Environmentally sensitive production
  • High level of customer service

Professionalism, Dependable Products, Customer Commitment, Consistent Quality, and Performance at Dream-time, we are committed to producing the Best trees in Australia.


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