Sponsor – Courtyard Magic


                imagine the possibilities…


At Courtyard Magic we cultivate a select range of alternative lawns and decorative groundcovers to create stunning solutions for small outdoor areas.

Our unique Living Tiles, grown and delivered in shallow trays, are installed easily and quickly, creating an instant and dramatic effect. No more waiting for pots or plugs to grow together!

Our Living Tiles are so easy to work with. Simply lay the large 330mm x 330mm Living Tiles side by side to create your desired effect or use scissors to cut to shape. The roots are ‘air pruned’ throughout the growing process and are raring to grow in your prepared area. Add water and the plants will start growing immediately!

Imagine the possibilities… 

– a fragrant lawn to delight the senses

– living mulches to enhance your garden bed

– a vertical garden that you can eat

– instantly upholster a living sculpture, as a stunning feature

– a lawn you do not mow, everybody’s favourite

– revelling in scented living furniture

– a checker board with pavers and Living Tiles.

Really, their use is only limited by your imagination!



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