Provence, Normandy and Paris

Gardens and Cultural Tour

First half of June, 2018 (15 days)


In Provence, through Provencal world authority Louisa Jones, we gain access to gorgeous private gardens, and her favourite restaurants and hotels. She says, …The gardens in Provence are… a whole way of life that has evolved for thousands of years.

Normandy with its higher rainfall promoted magnolias, camellias and rhododendrons that transformed taste in the 19th century. Its fertility and forests gave rise to splendid private gardens to which we gain access.

We spend six nights at Louisa’s favourite Mirande hotel in Avignon, four in Normandy and four in Paris.
The tour is for a small group with a love of gardens, culture and cuisine. Louisa Jones, James and Helen Basson and other experts will guide us to locations and be with us at various stages. James Basson was a key speaker at the September 2015 Australian Landscape Conference in Melbourne.

Tour Leaders
The tour is led by experienced tour leaders Trisha Dixon, Sue and Warwick Forge.

Will be available directly.

For expressions of interest and enquiries, contact Warwick Forge Phone 03 9804 8915 or

ALC Garden Tours
Our tours provide access to many exceptional private homes, gardens and locations through long standing friendships. They are cultural tours with focus upon the unique features of each region and which introduce us to expert owners and designers.

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